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Laduree Rose Petal Blush Les Merveilleuses Products Review

Ladurée Rose Petal Blush Les Merveilleuses Haul

One of the beauty buys I was most excited about on my recent trip to Tokyo (yes, againnn) is this: the Ladurée Rose Petal Blush. When I first saw it online...
Japan Haul Beauty Products

Beauty Haul from Japan 2015

Ohaiyo! I'm currently suffering from extreme withdrawal symptoms after returning from my week-long trip to the land of konbini onigiri and ume candy. Unfortunately, I didn't get to join my friend...

This tinyass Sephora US shipment cost me SGD80

RAGE. FILLED. POST. About the douchiness of buying from Sephora US when you're based in Singapore.

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