Hi there, I’m Mavis. I’m 24 years old and based in sunny Singapore.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. While Beauty for Brekkie is a passion project for me, I also work full time as a writer (surprise, surprise.)

I’m easily excitable, extremely vain, and have an opinion on everything. Some of my favourite things include gummy bears, shih tzus (RIP Sushi 2012), sleek gadgets, lazy handbags, and comfortable boots. If I’m stranded on an island I might just die, because sand is too coarse for exfoliation and there is no refrigerator for my sheet masks.

When I’m not geeking out over crazy beauty ingredients, I’m geeking out over books, manga, console games, and tv.


Why Beauty for Brekkie?

  1. I’m horrible with names
  2. I start my day not with a cup of coffee, but with my skincare regime. #smooth
  3. JK it’s just a name

I started BFB in late 2014 as a result of getting frustrated over and over again from the state of beauty blogging and the way online ‘gurus’ were reviewing products. 9/10 searches for a specific product review only result in glorious PR copy, which is extremely unhelpful and of no value to me. I was constantly complaining and rolling my eyes at the pile of rubbish online masquerading as beauty education when the level of research and thought behind such content were arbitrary and superficial.

At the same time, I had just left my dream job at a glossy magazine, where I got a rude disillusionment about the world of editorial beauty. Behind all that glamour, shiny new launches, and colourful quotes lies an ugly and inevitable truth: products you see featured are usually not reviewed thoroughly or adequately enough before the next deadline. That’s just how it works.

It was then that I decided: if I’m spending so much time whinging about it, I can jolly well do something about it.

Well it wasn’t exactly as noble as it sounded. I started this not only because I was tired of reading press copy on blogs, but also because I’m a beauty nag. I can go on and on about moisturisers and skincare and dehydration, or why a certain cult mascara can just suck it, but not everyone is addicted to beauty and wants to listen. I get really worked up, and most of the time I feel like I’m boring or wasting my breath because the people around me don’t care as much about the things that I do.

This is me saving my breath and sarcasm for my fellow beauty junkies on the Internet instead. Lucky you, mahahahaha.


As with all skincare and beauty products, YMMV (your mileage might vary) and what works for someone might not work for you, but I find that it helps to read a review that has a skin type similar to mine. Just for reference, my skin type is oily-combination, and leans towards dehydrated most of the time. My home climate is tropical and humid, which means I favour light products with lots of water in them, sheet masks, and long lasting eyeliner.

Unfortunately, my genetically oily skin is very vulnerable to clogs and breakouts. My skin is also hypersensitive and I’ve had eczema all my life. On a scale of 1 to 10 of my imaginary skin threshold, I’m about a 9 – most products that are deemed ‘acceptable’ for sensitive skin by other bloggers burn/sting/itch me, so *technically*, whatever my skin approves of means it should be fine for most people.

However, the name of the game is YMMV. Everyone has certain ingredients that they are adverse or sensitive to, so I recommend taking online reviews just as a source of reference. That’s what I do. Even with cult favourites or products raved by my skin twins, I patch test like crazy because you never know what might piss your skin off.


On reviews: I am not a doctor, or a certified skin professional. I’m just a regular girl on a beauty journey, fumbling my way through the store aisles and doing my own research. I do try out a lot of products, I suppose. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. What I can give is an honest opinion from a non-certified, regular user point of view. So please don’t sue me if a Holy G product breaks you out :(

On products: everything you see on this site is paid for out of my own pocket, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. I include links in my posts for your convenience, but please rest assured that none of them are affiliated.

On photos: Please don’t steal my photos. I leave watermarks out because they look stupid, and I know my product pics are hardly worth stealing but I do take a lot of time to prep and shoot them. Go after someone with better skills and more moolah instead?