I dread washing my hair. Absolutely hate it. While I can slather on 10 different face products with my eyes closed and endless yawning, there’s just something about lathering and conditioning and drying (oh god, the drying) of my long hair that bugs me. It was the Sunday evening of my daily routine…Until I discovered LOreal Cleansing Balm.

It’s technically LOreal Ever Cleansing Balm, available in EverPure, EverCurl, and EverCreme. I’ve tried all three and honestly, I can’t tell the difference par their varying scents. Launched earlier this year, the LOreal Cleansing Balm is a sulfate-free, silicon-free, paraben-free shampoo that works in the same way a facial cleansing balm does: a conditioning deep wash that doesn’t dry you out.

LOreal Cleansing Balm is THE daily shampoo that gets the job done in two minutes.

Its 6-in-one formula is supposed to detangle, condition, treat, clean, soften, and add shine to hair, but what it really means is that you can skip everything else and just go straight to this in the shower. I’m not a fan of multi-tasking products, like shampoo/conditioner or moisturizer/sunscreen hybrids because I find that things generally perform better when they only have to do one job.

LOreal Hair Cleansing Balm Review Swatch - Beauty for Brekkie
A pearly cream that takes ãbout 10-12 pumps for long hair.

However, in this case, where washing my hair is a daily necessary evil, I LOVE that with one product, my roots are fresh and clean while the ends are soft and silky. I shave about ~5 minutes off my usual shower time. That doesn’t sound as significant as it truly, really, is, especially when you’re stumbling home shitfaced (no? just me?) and can’t avoid that late-night shower.

That said, the LOreal Cleansing Balm does leave my hair a little greasier towards the end of the first day than a regular shampoo. The no-lather thing does take getting used to, especially since we’re so used to big, bubbly suds when it comes to shampoos. So, if you’re one of those people who just have to wash your hair every day, the LOreal Cleansing Balm will be the best thing in your life. It will also be your new BFF on tired/lazy/wine nights. When I want to make my wash last for two days, I’d use my regular shampoo, conditioner, and rinsing vinegar instead.

LOreal Hair Cleansing Balm, S$25.90 for 500ml at all major drugstores/online retailers.
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