This is a review of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadows I got about a year ago and never used – mostly due to my worrying dependence on the Naked2 palette. I love Naked2 so much I have a spare set even though I’ve only hit pan on two shades in the current palette… Anyways. I don’t even remember why I got this. Maybe I was wandering Sephora hungry that day.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review Pic - Small

If Too Faced existed in my teens, I would probably be a lot skinnier from saving up all my allowance for the coolest heart shaped blushes/bronzers and all the novelty packaging. Alas, I’m a lot more grown up~*~*~* and will not fall for these Polly Pocket tricks anymore. Just kidding. I so did.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review Palette

To be honest, I’m quite a bit more adventurous with skincare than makeup. I don’t need fancy metallic shades or purple lipsticks… I just want good, reliable stuff that works and look pretty. In fact, my approach to colour cosmetics is quite different from skincare. For the latter, I would not stop trying new things out even if everything is going great. There’s always something better. But with makeup, if I’ve found a holy grail item that fits into my look regime (like this eyeliner), I would stick to it forever and ever until it stops working or gets discontinued like all good things do.

My ideal eyeshadow palette should be full of nudes and browns suitable for different skin tones, well-pigmented yet extremely blendable. I don’t need fancy pastel green or silver shades. Really, I don’t ask for much.

Review of Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Glitter Swatches

Do I like it? No. I don’t know how I could have missed this when I bought it… but the fake sugary fragrance of varying chocolate desserts just gives me a headache once I’ve opened the box. Even swatching it made me feel a little sick. There may have been real cocoa powder in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, but it smells like they tossed in a whole bunch of artificial fragrances in as well. It was just that overpowering.

Great, you can find it at Sephora.

I love the packaging. It was cute, ingenious, and well made. Magnetic clips secure the palette and minimise spills. Not crazy about the price though, it’s S$76 or USD49 for 16 shades.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Brown Swatches

The biggest sell on this is that the colours are pigmented with real cocoa powder, which has antioxidant properties and help give a velvety smooth texture. Hmm, quite skeptical on this, especially when brands try to merge skincare and makeup together. And food.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar All Swatches

The colour payoff isn’t too bad for the whole palette overall, but what you see above is swatched on moisturised and primed skin. My favourites are Cherry Cordial, Salted Caramel, and Créme Brulee (for highlights) as they are buttery, easy to blend and looks great on the eyelid. The matte shades like Strawberry Bon Bon, White Chocolate, and Semi-Sweet were just a little chalky and requires a bit of product before you get colour payoff.

Amaretto, which I thought would be my absolute favourite, just wasn’t a solid enough colour to love. My top shade on the Naked2 is Snakebite, and this doesn’t have enough ommph to come close to it. The glittery shades like Gilded Ganache and Triple Fudge has minor fallout when worn, and doesn’t last a day in the Singapore heat. I wore these on top of my holy grail Nars eye primer – which is usually crease and smear proof – and my lids were just a hot mess after about 5-6 hours.

Most of the colours in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar are great, and I do like that the highlight colours are in a bigger pan because you tend to use these for every look. If you want a variety of shades to experiment with and don’t have oily eyelids, this would be perfect for you but they just didn’t wow me, and took a whole lot more work than the my default palette to get my everyday look done. The scent was the worst for me, really. You can’t really smell it once you’ve got it on, but it just makes the application process unbearable for me – especially in the mornings.

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