This is a review of the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner Review Product

**UPDATED 02022017**
As of today, my video test-driving the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner has reached over 100K views, lol. Inventor Tom has also reached out late last year offering a replacement unit, and I was about to send out my mailing details when I realized I’ve been getting a lot of spammy comments here and on YouTube – all with dubious profiles saying the same things and praising Tom’s company in a super unbelievable way. This review was posted April last year, and I never got attention or a good response from the company before they realized this was showing up on the front page of Google whenever someone searched for it. As such I no longer feel safe or comfortable about giving my personal information to them and would unfortunately not be able to review the replacement unit. Thank you for reading!

Don’t you just hate cleaning your brushes? Yes, yes, I know how much grime and bacteria it has, and it’s really gross how concealer and foundation brushes in particular starts to cake after a few uses… But for me, the 24 hours needed to air dry brushes just kills me. Plus, there’s so many caveats around drying it – you have to let it lie at an angle so water doesn’t go into the ferrule (the part attaching brush hair to the handle) and destroy your expensive brushes. It just seemed like too much trouble, even though the thought of brushing on old germs onto a clean face is the most disgusting thing in the world.

So when I saw an article on Buzzfeed about this brush cleaner that not only cleans your brushes quickly, but dries it instantly too, I was SOLD. I wanted this so terribly and went through hell and high water to get it. Even just ordering the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner was an ordeal in itself.

*Quick digression*

First, the official site charged 60 pounds (S$120) for just shipping, which is ridiculous because the cleaner costs like, 40 pounds. After I gathered enough people to share the shipping costs with me, the site decided it didn’t want to ship to Singapore anymore. Fine. I ordered from a UK beauty e-retailer, which accepted my order before cancelling it. By this time the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner was going out of stock everywhere.

So I tried to be a little too smart for my pants and decided to order from the official site again, but ship to a UK forwarder. I then found out the reason why both the beauty e-retailer and StylPro didn’t want to ship to Singapore – the FREE brush cleaning solution in it was considered a hazardous material and comes with many, many shipping complications. So I emailed StylPro asking them to please remove the free solution… and they said they couldn’t because all sets come with it -_-

In the end, I ordered from, who were total sweethearts and removed the cleaning solution without me even asking. See, IT’S NOT THAT HARD IS IT STYLPRO???

*End of digression*


StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner Review Unbox

It comes with a fish tank glass thing, 8 silicon collars for your brushers, a brush stand, the spinning device, silicon seal and splash guard. All for £49.

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner Review Brush Stand

So basically, you attach a collar to your brush handle, connect it to the device with a spindle, dip it in the fish tank (with cleaning solution – I use gentle shampoo and tap water) and spin it for a bit, then raise it above liquid level and spin it again. The centrifugal spinning is supposed to clean your brushes hygienically and dry in seconds. Supposed.

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner Review Brushes in Stand

Look how dirty my brushes are!


StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner Review Tarte Blush

For my first brush cleaning, I stained my (slightly dirty contour brush) a little more with the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush just so it will show up on camera.

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner Review Cleaning

So I gave it a whirl and the result is this abysmal video. I apologise for my editing skills. I originally intended this to just be on Snapchat. Plus this is why I don’t do videos.

If you can’t be bothered to watch it (which you should, because that’s the only way to see how it works properly), basically the first spindle broke on my first use and wouldn’t attach to any collar after. I then attached the spare spindle, which was intended for the two largest collars, and it worked fine – for one brush. On the second, a kabuki, it just gave up and broke too 🙁

I usually wouldn’t waste my time reviewing a meh product, but this is such a disaster it’s hilarious. My face was literally like O.o I JUST SPENT OVER A HUNDRED BUCKS ON THIS MOFO AND IT BROKE

Another reason I decided to write this up was because the brand claims repeatedly that the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner cleans just as well as other method, leaving no makeup left behind on the brush. But as you can see below on my Urban Decay Naked2 brush, it is not true.

After spinning it and drying the brush, there were still stains of eyeshadow powder on it.

Bear in mind that this is eyeshadow POWDER. We’re not talking creams, eye primer or liquid makeup.

After the spindles broke, they no longer supported brushes hanging down, so I used them upside down (so the brushes are head-up) to dry them in a bid to salvage the device. Unfortunately, while the centrifugal force of the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner does indeed dry the brushes even if they were upside down, but it also made the bristles fan out. Some of my brushers are now out of shape, but thankfully they were mostly Sephora set brushes and not the more expensive ones.

I have since figured out a fuss-free (for me, at least) way of cleaning my brushes that won’t deter a weekly wash. Sharing that in another post!


  1. You just saved me £50 as I was seconds away from buying this but thought I’d look at a review first! Thanks- seeing the video really helped as there’s no question of you doing it wrong- the product is just flimsy.

    • Hi Mavis,

      This is Inventor Tom from Stylpro, I am so sorry to have just seen your review (i love your set up btw).
      We had this issue with a small number of the first batch, please can we offer to send you a new & improved version?
      Please email me on

      Many Thanks,

      • I have seen a more recent YouTuber review this product and it has been vastly improved. I feel like it’s fair to get and review the offer of a newer option.

    • I have to agree about not buying this product, but for a different reason. You are spinning your brushes around in dirty water and then spinning them dry. You aren’t removing the bacteria, just spinning it around in it. Brushes need to be thoroughly rinsed to remove all the buildup. Not impressed with this product either.

  2. I was logging on to buy this and have it shipped to me in the USA. Thank you for your review I will just continue to wash them myself.

  3. I purchased the Stylpro this year. Cost me an arm and a leg because they don’t sell the product in USA (at the time of purchase) Here’s my two cents. Initially I loved it. Definitely cleaned my brushes better than the apparatus I’ve been using (scrub mat). BUT, and yes it’s a big one, it only works with its own Stylpro solution. Sadly, I used the entire bottle to clean all 30 brushes. Forward two months later when I have to clean my brushes again and since I used all the free brush cleaner solution that came with the kit I had to resort to using Sephora’s brush shampoo. What a waste of time. Followed the same exact instructions but different cleaning solution and the brushes remained dirty. Barely cleaned them. I’m convinced that this apparatus is useless without the original cleaning solution. That is where the magic is. Put the two together and you have a dream team. But one without the other is a waste of money and time. If I can only make that cleaning solution at home.

    • Of course you can make your own solution at home… It’s basic science. Dish soap is the leading cleaner for cutting grease and oils. Good ole Dawn dish soap can get any eyeliner, mascara or lipstick off AND it disinfects. Just add olive oil to condition and replace the healthy oils in the brush. Here is a Guide:

      The author writes…. “After spinning it and drying the brush, there were still stains of eye shadow powder on it.” … Stains? If it’s a stain then nothing will get it out.

      Furthermore, “I use gentle shampoo and tap water” – Yep. That’s also why it didn’t get very clean. Gentle shampoo? Might as well have just used water.

      Lastly…. And this is to the Author of this Article…

      The inventor apologized that a percentage of the first batch had problems. They fixed the problems and would like to give you another one for free. He did not say you used it “wrongly”. He simply apologized and offered you a replacement.

      • Hi Jenny, thanks for reading. My bad on the word ‘stains’, i should have used ‘pigment’ or ‘residue’ instead, as washing it by hand got all of it out, as seen in the photos above. Similarly, the ‘gentle shampoo’ I used was referring to gentle brush shampoo, which also didn’t work with the device but got everything out with handwashing too. As for the comment about being told I used it wrongly – that was from an email I got from Tom’s team when I wrote in to enquire about the product.

    • I’m a makeup artist for the past 12 years, I bought the Luxe and the StylPro, the Luxe is a completely different product compared to the StylPro.
      Luxe vs StylPro:
      1) 3 Levels of agitation to accommodate different brush types.
      2) The rechargeable base means that your spinner will always be charged and ready to go.
      3) Made of top quality materials
      PACKAGE INCLUDES – Brush Spinner, Charging Station, Eight Rubber Collars, Glass Bowl, Bowl Splash Guard Ring, Manual FREE BONUS – Includes a 150ml bottle of the Luxe Makeup Cleaning Solution.

      1) Need to insert 2 AA batteries
      2) 1 Spin level
      3) The entire set is made of all plastic product.
      StylPro Device, Glass cleaning bowl (with silicone seal and splash guard), 8 x silicone collars (different sizes to suit all brushes),

    • Hi Kylie, thanks for reading. I no longer feel comfortable about receiving the replacement (please see update in post) and thus have not tried it.

  4. omg was abou to order 2 for my daughters im soo glad that i didnt. they use this big bottle of lavander soap for ology that they clean brushes with! thank you!

  5. Thank you so much! This seems to be the first unbiased review I’ve read about the product 🙂 I would be interested to know whether the replacement you were sent worked or whether you experienced the same issues? Amelia

    • Hi Amelia, thanks for reading. Unfortunately, I no longer feel comfortable with getting the replacement unit from them. Will be updating the post.

  6. Every review I’ve seen of this product it has worked for them, and it’s been a fair few. In the video I watched on the original sellers website it tells you to use antibacterial soap to wash powder makeup off and the cleaning solution for cream makeup. If you’ve been using high pigmented powers and your brushes are white or cream to begin with of course it’s going to stain them, doesn’t mean all the makeup is still left on. It’s just the same if you wear a high pigmented lipstick, for example red, when you wipe it off its still stains your lips a little bit but there’s no makeup left on your lips.

    • Hi Lauren, are you new to the concept of sponsored reviews? You’re right on the staining – maybe that was the wrong word to use – because the aforementioned ‘stains’ all came out once I handwashed it with the same brush shampoo I used. As shown in the pictures.

  7. Life saver! Great honest review. Dude as if you’re not getting trolled by them right now, so many comments with the same wording for you giving it another go. Good on you for not caving, I’ve been in a similar situation where a seller offered me money to take down a bad review… soo dishonest!

    • Thank you! I’m still getting them… maybe it’s because my review shows up as the top result when you google the product? :/

  8. This is actually hilarious I watched Laura Lee and Jeffree Star reviews this as well and was immediately put off buying, they just realeased another version called stylpro expert which I was searching reviews for – how I ended up here and it is pretty much no different and twice as expensive! What a rip off. This company has lost its mind I hope no one buys from them especially after reading about how they spammed you and only cared when they were put on blast. Whenever I would try and comment on one of their posts they’d delete it immediately! Funny thing is a friend bought one from a different company (can’t remember the name unfortonuately), has different speed settings, usb rechargeable, and they shipped it to her with the solution just fine.. better then then stylpro expert and it only cost her 80usd with free shipping! Save your money girls.

  9. Thank you for the true review. I too was going to purchase 2 for my daughters. Thank goodness I found your review while shopping for the cheapest price on the Stylpro.

  10. Good to know that there are honest reviewers there who dont get bought.. this product just launched in india and i was considering to make a purchase

  11. What i don’t like about the product is there aren’t enough sizes of the rubber parts for all brushes, i have 8 brushes that did not fit in any of them, i forced a few in but the spinning wasn’t that great, also I found that using anything but the cleaning solution did not clean the brushes well, too bad the bottle is so expensive.

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