Full disclosure:  New beauty development and products turn me on more than 80% off sales. Live snail facials? Sounds fun! Nightingale droppings? Hell yeah! Topical probiotics? Sign me up!

I get really intrigued by any ‘breakthrough’ technology or cool and exotic ingredients (recently rediscovered in the Amazon rainforest! Sahara desert! Under the sea!) that I rush in to try it. The smart thing to do would be to wait it out until it gets out of what I call ‘beta phase’ so that any red flags would be already raised. Incidentally, this is my approach to iOS and OS updates :/ But I get so piqued by new stuff that I just want to try try TRY IT ALL.

Of course when I discovered there’s a new STEP the Koreans are adding to their already extensive regime, I did not keep my cool. I went to every Su:m37 counter and lone store in Seoul to hunt down this sold-out Miracle Finisher. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and I love Su:m37 anyways…

In this post:

  • What is a finisher? (no, it’s not a primer)
  • Existing finishers in the market
  • Review of the Su:m37 Miracle Finisher


Sum37 Miracle Skin Finisher Product Info

First thing first, it’s not a primer. Or makeup. This is skincare through and through, and as you can tell from the name, it is meant to be the new last step in your regime. It is essentially a light occlusive, designed to a) seal all the products from prior steps in and b) provide a smooth canvas for makeup to adhere to. You apply it after your moisturizer/sunscreen and before your primer and makeup. From the Miracle Finisher KoreanDepart page:

“It creates ceramic-skin at the end of skin care, offers moisture that penetrates deep and wraps a ‘hydra transparent veil’ to hold absorbed ingredients.”


The first finisher to launch was Sulwhasoo with their Luminature Essential Finisher, and I had the chance to try this out at Incheon Duty Free (while sourcing fruitlessly for the Miracle Finisher). To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Sulwhasoo because I can’t stand that overwhelming scent of ginseng and so far, after trying out quite a few of their products – Snowise EX Brightening Spot Serum, Brightening Fluid, Brightening Serum BB cream, Ginseng Exfoliating Gel, Gentle Cleansing Oil and Foam – the price point seemed way too high for a brand that did so little for my skin. From Sulwhasoo’s page:

Change your skincare routine. Unveil your undiscovered luminosity. Designed to seal in all benefits of previously applied products while creating a perfect canvas for makeup application. Natural radiance is instantly improved after a single use & continues to improve brightness, hydration and skin clarity with consistent use.

Nothing new here. The main difference between the two is the hero ingredient.

Anyways, I tried it out when I was in Seoul, and it was scarily rich. Even after patting it in for minutes, the product stayed on my skin, like a thick night cream. It was also greasy, and I found it very off-putting, considering it’s supposed to hold your makeup better. I was even more motivated to try the Miracle Finisher after that.

Existing finishers for price comparison
Missha Misa Geumsul Vitalizing Finisher, USD40 for 60ml.
Nature Republic Solie Finisher, USD40 for 50ml.
VDL Beauty Finisher, USD33 for 50ml.
Su:m37 Miracle Finisher, USD55 for 50ml.
Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher, USD90 for 80ml.


Sum37 Miracle Skin Finisher Product Swatch

Tough. Sold out across retail shops, best bet is to purchase online.

55USD for 50ml from KoreaDepart.

Very pretty! I love Su:m37 aesthetics, always feminine and ultra luxe, yet at the same time functional. Check out the gif at the end of this post to see my favourite part! The bottle, shaped like a potion case, also feels reassuringly sturdy.

Light scent of rose, similar to Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick. Does not linger.

Star ingredients
Fermented Damask rose extract, fermented Himalayan lotus extract. Full ingredients here on CosDNA.

As you can see from the picture above, when pumped out of the beautiful bottle, it is a very light, baby pink gel that seems to disappear on the skin. It is absorbed into the skin quickly, leaving it soft – not silicon filler soft, but velvety soft.

You know, I never thought my skin could get greasier, but when I added this to my usual AM routine, after the Cremorlab Snow Falls cream/Aurelia Probotics Day Revitaliser and before Make Up For Ever HD primer, instead of turning into an oil slick at lunchtime, my face is greasier than a used frying pan by the time I get to work. Yes, in the one hour of commute, I went from dewy to gooey, which has never happened before. I tried this out for a week, and stopped after I realised I couldn’t deal with all that added oil without any visible benefits. My skin isn’t more hydrated, neither is my makeup lasting longer. The product isn’t doing anything it was supposed to for me. I also don’t see how it helps the absorption of other products in my regime or that this step is neccessary at all.

No. It absorbs well, but makes me super greasy. Very disappointing. Will review this in a couple of weeks again. 

Sum37 Packaging

The only thing I love about this is its thoughtful lockable pump. See when you push the clip forward, it’s ‘unlocked’ and the pump is able to lower and release product. It’s great because I hate products that leak or come uncapped in your bag… of course, that matters if I’d actually bring this anywhere. Still, it’s super fun to do and you kinda feel like you’re loading a gun like a badass gangster.

Have you tried any finishers? Do you think they’re a miracle or gimmick?

All products have been purchased with my own money and opinions here are 100% my own.


  1. I’d thought I needed this RIGHTNOW until I got to “I never thought my skin could get greasier.” I don’t think my skin could get greasier, either, and I really don’t want to be proven wrong. Thank you for testing this, so that I wouldn’t have to shell out way more money than I can afford for something I will end up hating!

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