After I posted my haul on Cremorlab a couple of days ago, the one question people ask both on the Reddit and here is their location in Seoul. Well luckily for you, I did the dirty work of endless scouring and badgering of salespeople so you don’t have to (Lol, how noble.) On its site, Cremorlab lists an extensive number of GS Watsons and Olive Young on its product stockists and PeachandLily also recommended OY to an IGer but take it from someone who went into practically every one of them in MyeungDong – not one of them has it (as of June 2015). Here is the full list in English. Now throw it away.

They also list an ‘Off-Line’ location in Seoul at the Catholic University Hospital, but I never bothered to go there.

I went to three LOHBs (LOve, Health, Beauty) outlets and they all have it. Granted, LOHBs aren’t as easily found as OY and Watsons, but all of the ones I went to stocked at least a full shelf of Cremorlab. They are also situated near must-go shopping areas so you don’t have to go out of your way to get them.

Also, I would recommend heading to LOHBs for your drugstore haul, as it carries many brands and was easier to navigate than the other two major retailers.


I couldn’t find a picture for this, mainly cos their domestic PR sucks. Anyways, the LotteMart outlet at Seoul Station is a must-go for most people – you can grab all the food/kimchi/shin ramyeon you need to haul home. In fact, I picked up most of my beauty requests here for Skin Food, InnisFree, Nature Republic etc instead of going to individual stores downtown. They give samples too.

The LOHBs here is within LotteMart, and I’m not sure what other directions I can give other than it’s on the right side after the entrance. To get to LotteMart, take Seoul Subway Line #1 or #4 to Seoul Station, exit 1.

Also, I unwittingly went on the last day of their 2nd anniversary (which explains the bright ‘2’ stickers on some products) and there was 20% to 50% off selected products, including Cremorlab. How lucky is that! #cremorlabdestiny

Address: Jung-gu, Seoul cheongpa to 426 


Finding this was scanty, but I chanced upon this map intended for some past event and luckily, LOHBs was mentioned in its directions. So below, circled in periwrinkle blue, is where you’ll find it. It is on your way to Hongdae: Line #2 to Hongik University Station, exit 9. The store is on your left, right before you climb the stairs to get aboveground.



Lohbs Store in garosugil
Good lordy, here’s a picture of the store. If you only have time for one and Garosu-gil is also on your travel itinerary (IT SHOULD BE), just head down to this outlet in the Gangnam area. This is the biggest I’ve seen so far, the third I’ve been to but also the first I saw that stocked the Triple Bloom range on top of the TEN Cremor and Hydroplus collections. To get here: Take Line #3 to Sinsa station, exit 8 and walk straight until you see a beautiful tree-lined street.

Address: 536-81 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu

Hope this helps!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this omg. I’m heading to Seoul in October and I’ve been wondering where I can get my hands on these babies (they’re so expensive if you buy them online ._.). Looking at the locations they provide on their website totally got me confused lol. May I also ask enquire if you remember the price range of each product? Thank you! 🙂

  2. I’m currently in South Korea and I thank the Lord that I found out about this line before I left. Thank you so much! I’m going to haul about 50 of these masks for when I go back to New Zealand 😀

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