We all know and love Benefit’s star cheek and lip tint Benetint. But what about its fresher and more innocent sister Posietint? Or their cheeky salsa-lovin’ cousin Chachatint? What does High Beam even do? To make our lives easier, here’s everything to know about every tint (and beam) in one place.




Subject: Benetint
Colour: Rose
Texture: Watery

Benefit says: Kiss-proof, see-through colour on lips and cheeks that lasts for hours. Innocent yet provocative. Originally created for an exotic dancer in the 70s.

What it really is: Lasts as long as no food passes your lips. Very buildable and enhances the natural rosiness of your lips, but no one will believe that it’s real. A tad drying if you skip lip balm and leaves you with streaks if you don’t have fast fingers.


Subject: Posietint
Colour: Baby pink
Texture: Smooth gel

Benefit says: Poppy-pink tint evoking first love’s blush. Kiss-proof AND nuzzle-proof, this blends to just-picked perfection for hours. 

What it really is: While Benetint works great on most skin tones, Posietint looks far better on fairer skins with its pastel hue. On lips, it’s not as noticeable or ‘natural’ as Benetint, and powdery baby pink is just plain silly on tanned cheeks. 


Subject: Lollitint
Colour: Fruitella grape pink/purple
Texture: Creamy

Benefit says: Candy orchid tint treats you to a pop of dreamy sweetness. Flirtiest flush you can get from a bottle (OBJECTION! What about Absolut?) and a smudge-proof, smooch-proof that stays on from AM to PM.

What it really is: Orchid was colour of the year in 2014, so we needed to jump on the bandwagon.



Subject: Chachatint
Colour: Coral tangerine
Texture: Liquid gel

Benefit says: Mango stain beautifully blushes your cheeks with a tropical coral hue. Leaves you looking deliciously vibrant for hours.

What it really is: As long as your skin doesn’t have cool undertones and you blend well, Chachatint looks quite fetching on light, medium, and dark skin tones. On cheeks it fakes a tan quite gloriously, but not everyone can carry this off on both lips and cheeks at the same time. 





Subject: Sun Beam
Colour: Bronze
Texture: Liquid gel

Benefit says: Golden bronze highlighter gives you a natural, sunkissed radiance. Liquid sunshine in a bottle.

What it really is: While this ‘liquid sunshine’ doesn’t necessarily get you bouncing on every other step on the way to work, dotting it on slightly tanned skin does give a slight Jenny from the Block vibe. On the inside, at least. Snow Whites, stick to High Beam or Moon Beam.


Subject: High Beam
Colour: Silver with a pink shimmer
Texture: Creamy

Benefit says: Luminescent complexion enhancer that accents brows and cheeks for a dewy radiant glow. Supermodel in a bottle.
What it really is: With an extremely light hand and delicate touch, this DOES throw light and shadows to fake cheekbones and nose bridges that aren’t really there. However, the shimmery finish can look greasy instead of glowing once you step out of the house and unfortunately draw lots of attention to less-than-perfect skin.


Subject: Moon Beam
Colour: Shimmery apricot
Texture: Liquid gel

Benefit says: Iridescent complexion enhancer that adds a warm shimmer. Golden apricot shade looks perfect on all skin tones.

What it really is: Subtle in-between solution for fair girls returning from vacations of darker girls who inexplicably got lighter from staying home during the holidays. The pearly, slightly pink finish adds colour to your cheeks – just not the ten-hours-in-the-sun afterglow.

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