Begone, bad hair days! NUME Titan 3 curling wand and Megastar straightener have now joined my arsenal of heated hair tools to nip awry ends in the bud. Also known as the most widely seeded hair tool brand on Youtube ever. I have succumbed (or rather, my 4 year old Herstyler curling wand has) and invested some monies into getting an ultra deluxe set that includes both curler, straightener, and two whopping big ass bottles of White Truffle Shampoo and Conditioner for USD149.

Shipping cost about USD40, which was really dumb because it came packed like this:


Not the most secure (where are the peanuts!?) but luckily nothing was damaged.


Very much looking forward to curling my hair with a larger barrel, because that means it cuts styling time in half, right? RIGHT??? I’m very excited to actually give it a few whirls, because I really want to know if all that Youtube raving is true and this shit is the unicorn’s rainbow poop or every other vlogging ‘beauty guru’ is a sellout with no integrity. But then that would mean I just blew hundreds on Youtube marketing 🙁

Watch this space for verdict on this!

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