Three reasons to wear lip stains: they are mess-free, long lasting and food-proof. The sheer tint finish also means that you get an are-they-real-not-really pseudo natural rosy pucker, the kind that lucky babies have and what all adult women would still have in my ideal world. Well, that’s for a good one anyway. I’m a huge advocate of stains over lipsticks because I’m clumsy and snack quite a lot through the day. Mostly because I snack a lot.

It seems that the world is full of lazy busy women like me who nibble 24/7. From Benetint to YSL’s glossy stains to Maybelline’s SuperStay, tinted stains have been selling like hotcakes. Of course, the South Koreans have to get in on the game… with a kimchi hot twist to boot. Lip stains you – wait for it – PEEL OFF YOUR LIPS. Like dead skin, but you know, prettier. Because Koreans are never gross.


I chanced upon the Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack collection (USD9 each) and snapped up three at a go: Bubble Pink, Sexy Red and Chic Purple, namely those that I guessed would be more heavily pigmented. I seemed to have lost Purple somewhere. Which is really sad. On my hand are the first two, and you can kinda see how it dries from a jelly like finish to a muted hint of colour.

How it applies: after exfoliating and prepping your lips, you slather it on like Van Gogh with his brush. I say slather because the consistency of this is really weird, it’s a jelly that starts clumping really fast – which means that you DO NOT pucker your chu chus because it will gross you out. But a steady and quick hand is crucial for this, otherwise you’ll end up like me looking like a newborn vampire that just fed.

In my defence, it is a stain and you kinda want a natural, fade-y ombre look that brings out the natural thingy of your… ah forget it. I have no excuses for this smeary job. It’s just really gloopy and hard to move around. I used the applicator first, then my finger, which is not recommendable as it stained my index finger within seconds. This is promising!

So you leave it on for 15 mins and start peeling the stain off your lips from the corners. It feels like 2000 again, when everyone was into tanning and every other Monday there’ll be somebody with flaking arms. Embarrassingly, this is the best part of the product for me. It is so satisfying in all the wrong ways.

This line of stains is supposed to be unmovable, if you’ve done everything right from prep to application to peel. In fairness, I ate nine McNuggets right after and it was intact. No weird outline left or red marks on cups. However, when I woke up from my nap a couple of hours later, the colour seemed to have sank into the lines, and instead of healthy pouty cherry lips, they were dried out and red in an unflattering raw way.

The colour does stay on, which is crazy cool until you have to remove it and no amount of lip makeup remover would budge it. I had to wipe and scrub at it a lot, which agitated my parched lips even more.


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