I wrote my first post months ago, thinking that I’d post it up along with four others so the blog wouldn’t look so sad and pathetic. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Life, though, continued and continues to happen.

However, I was so damn inspired by a freaking lipstick that I just had to write this at 3AM. (eh, i feel asleep and this is now a week later.) Anyhoos…I was Christmas shopping and ended up at the YSL Ion boutique to pick up refills. To rack up purchases for member status, I bought the Rouge Pur Couture No. 52.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, this unwitting lipstick shade became extremely coveted after some person revealed that Jeon Ji Hyun wore it in the crazy popular Korean drama My Love From Another Star. Apparently it was sold out in many countries and other smart people started selling on eBay too.

Although I thought that she looked gorgeous, I didn’t buy into the hype – simply because such shades do not look good on anyone who doesn’t have porcelain fair skin. I got it as a afterthought BUT it is blardy fabulous. It’s a sprightly shade of coral-pink with cool undertones (something I can’t pull off, ever) that freaking brightens up your entire face.

For some odd reason, it does not capture well on picture. I’ve tried in various lightings but nothing does justice to its flattering burst of slight neon. In real life you’re just ERMAGHERD I LOOK ALIVE but in photos, it just shows up as a weak coral. So sad 🙁

It goes on like a satin dream, is intensely pigmented and in my opinion, looks much better blotted. It can be a tad drying though, but nothing a little pre-prep lip balm can’t solve.

I’ve been on a lipstain binge lately, but this might just lead my revisit to lipsticks.
Merry Christmas!

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